Better Fuel Efficiency

What is the best method to measure the fuel efficiency of my car?

The recommended way to measure fuel efficiency (“fuel average”) is to first fill petrol to reach the full tank level, next note down odometer reading (kilometres) at that point. After driving for a week top up petrol to reach full tank and note down the odometer reading once again. The difference in the two odometer readings divided by the quantity of fuel needed to top up the tank the second time will give you the exact fuel efficiency.

For example- If the difference in two odometer readings is 357 kilometres and the fuel quantity used for topping up fuel the second time is 21 litres, then the “average” is 17 kmpl.

You can do a similar calculation over a shorter drive too, but the reading may be skewed by traffic conditions on that day.

Remember to use full-tank to full-tank readings only. Otherwise you would get an approximate figure only. Also try to average such readings over a long time, say a few months, rather than relying on a single reading to exactly know the fuel efficiency of your car.

How do I get better mileage from my Maruti?

The mileage of the vehicle depends on various factors -

  • Frequent stopping and short distance travel consumes more fuel.
  • Traffic conditions – The mileage will vary between heavily crowded areas and less traffic areas.
  • Needless idling at traffic lights affect fuel consumption. A mere ten minutes idling will waste 100cc of fuel.
  • Tyre pressure – Recommended tyre pressure should be maintained. The tyre pressure should be checked preferably in the morning, before the day heats up. You can find the recommended pressure for your car in the sticker pasted on Fr. RHS door and in the owners manual. Less tyre pressure will increase fuel consumption.
  • Driving at higher speed consumes more fuel than driving at steady speed of 45 to 55 kmphr in top gear.
  • Changing of gears – 1st to 2nd @10 Kmph,2nd to 3rd@20 Kmph,3rd to 4th@30 Kmph.
  • Adulterated or less quantity of fuel dispensed by petrol pumps would indicate poor fuel efficiency.
  • Clogged air filter, worn out clutch, badly tuned engine and high pollution levels increase fuel consumption.

after adhering to the above factors if the fuel consumption is high, kindly take the vehicle to any of the authorized Maruti dealer for inspection and fuel consumption testing.

How do I check for purity of fuel and quantity?

There is a test procedure available to check the purity of fuel. Put a few drops of petrol on blotting paper and allow the fuel to evaporate. If it does not leave any mark on blotting paper it means the petrol is not adulterated, otherwise it is adulterated.

For fuel measurement you should know the fuel tank capacity of your car. When it is empty fill it up OR get the petrol in a measuring flask (1or 2 liter capacity).


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