Trouble Shooting

How would I know if there is a leak in the battery?

There is a different rusting pattern for a battery electrolyte spill and a different rusting pattern for a water spill. It will take an expert to gauge the kind of leak and spot the reasons for it. Hence we advise you to kindly contact the nearest Maruti Authorized Dealer or Service Station and follow their advice.

Drops of water come out of the exhaust pipe. Is it OK or abnormal?

It is normal, depending on humidity in the atmosphere. However, we suggest you get CO-HC checked as part of routine check up.

When should I get the engine overhaul done?

The engine overhauling depends on the health of the engine.

You may need an engine overhaul when you see one or more of the following indications-

  • Excessive engine oil consumption
  • Engine bearing noise
  • Piston slap noise
  • Excessive fuel consumption

Except engine oil consumption other parameters given above are difficult to monitor by the customers and it is best you consult the service manager at the Maruti Authorised workshop. There are other parameters to be checked too, such as engine compression pressure, engine vacuum etc.

But most of the time, engine oil consumption provides a very good reference to the health of the engine and once you have problem with that, do not delay sending your car for assessment and appropriate service. It is best to contact one of our dealers to get the vehicle checked for engine health. You have to mention the amount of topping up required over a distance of 5000 kms or 10,000 kms for them to judge the extent of tests they should carry out.

What should I do when the car overheats?

When you car overheats, do the following-

  • Turn off the air conditioner.
  • Park the vehicle at a safe place.
  • Let the engine run at normal idle speed for a few minutes until the indicator returns to normal range, between the H and the C mark.
  • If you see or hear steam escaping from under the bonnet, immediately park the vehicle in a safe place and switch off the engine immediately. Do not open the bonnet till hissing sound or steam emission has stopped.
  • Once the steam is no longer heard or visible, open the bonnet and check the water pump belt for any slippage or damage.
  • Check the coolant level in the reservoir. If it is below the low mark, check for leakage from the hose, water pump or radiator. If any leaks are located, do not start the engine till the time the leakage has been rectified.
  • If you do not find any leakage then slowly add coolant to the reservoir. Never add coolant to the radiator.
  • It is dangerous to remove the radiator cap when the temperature is high. It may cause serious burn injuries.
  • Consult your authorised service workshop for further advice.


When do I need to get wheel balancing done?

For Indian road conditions, wheel balancing becomes necessary whenever the wheel suffers a puncture and also as per the mileage recommended in the periodic maintenance schedule in the Owners’ Manual.

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